Wednesday, April 11, 2007


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Are you having fun learning guitar? If there’s one thing I’ve discovered over the years as a teacher, it’s the importance of keeping things simple and fun for my students. This can sometimes require a bit of creative thinking on my part. But I find, if I pay attention to my students, I am often able to discover where their musical interests and desires lie. When I can key into these personal and motivational impulses, then I am able to direct that energy in a positive direction. The result is a happy student who is having fun learning guitar!

When a new student first arrives at my studio they are often filled with hopeful expectations. Many have visions of being able to play like one of their guitar heroes someday. This is all well and good as it establishes a goal. But it usually isn’t long before they realize that visions and reality can be worlds apart! Playing like a professional guitarist requires a bit of discipline and hard work, not to mention sore fingers! The trick to having fun learning guitar is to mix a little business with pleasure! To do this, I recommend that a student spend time practicing the fundamentals as well as learn something they want to play.

Often a student will mention to me that there is a song they’d like to learn. Even if I think that it’s beyond their current level and ability, I still do not want to discourage them from pursuing it. Instead, I try to break the song down into small, bite-size pieces, or perhaps pull out a particular technique for them to work on first. I have found this approach to be very effective because my guitar students are more inspired to practice when they are playing what they want to learn. Their skill level seems to improve more rapidly too, and they are enjoying themselves in the process. That’s what it’s all about in my book!

If a student doesn’t have a particular song in mind, then I will often suggest something for them to try. I find that simplified versions of classic rock riffs are great motivators- especially for kids. Some examples that I’ve used and had success with include Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple, and Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix. Another popular and easy rock riff is Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones.

If you’re a guitar student who is not having fun learning guitar, then I suggest you find something you’d like to learn. It will make a big difference in how you look at practicing!
Kathy Unruh is a singer/songwriter and webmaster of ABC Learn Guitar. She has been writing songs and providing guitar lessons to students of all ages for over 20 years.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Find Easy Songs To Learn On The Guitar To Jumpstart Your Playing

Jamorama Guitar Lessons For Dummy

Certainly one of the best ways of learning how to play the guitar is by using some simple guitar songs that makes it much easier for you to comprehend guitar tablatures. Certainly there are certain benefits to be had from using easy songs to learn on guitar in order that you can play the instrument properly and these are as follows: -

1. By using an easy song a beginner is able to learn the proper pace and rhythm of a song, which makes it much easier for them to learn how to play the guitar. Often just by listening to a song a beginner will be able to make use of some of the strings and so try to associate them with the tempo and pattern of the notes being played.

2. Using such songs will provide the person with a chance to create an ear for music. Often once a person learns how to listen attentively to the music they will be able to distinguish the right note from the right tab against those that are wrong.

Certainly for any beginner the use of easy songs to learn on guitar will make a major difference to their lessons.

There are many places where you can now find information on songs, which are easy to learn on the guitar, and one great source is the Internet. Also there are a large number of books that have been written on the subject with are readily available through your local music store, bookshop or through one of the many sites providing musical information online. You could even try places like Amazon online to see what they have available.

One book that is certainly good for this purpose is "Beatles Complete". The first reason being is that it The Beatles and the second and probably the most important is that many of their songs were composed with relatively few but very easy to play chords such as those that appear in "I saw her standing there" which only has three. Also they do have songs that contain many unorthodox chords as well such as "Michelle". This is certainly a great way for any one to learn new chords incrementally.

So why not surf the web today and see what other "easy songs to learn on guitar" you can find and I am sure that you will be amazed with what results are returned.

For more information on finding easy songs to play on the guitar try visiting where you will find tips, advice and resources about topics such as how to strum the guitar.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How To Play Guitar With Easy Free Guitar Lessons



If you have always wanted to learn how to play guitar, here is some great news...

The guitar is one of the easiest instruments to learn to play. Yep, many people have taught themselves to play guitar, and you can too!

To learn to play guitar, you will need to search online for the information you need. Most importantly, you should get a chart of guitar chords. You can find guitar chords free online, or in any old thrift shop guitar book.

Your next step is to figure out how to play guitar chords. As a beginner guitar player, you don't need to know a lot of different chords to learn guitar. So here's a free online guitar lesson that you can do right now...

How to Play Guitar - Learn The G Chord:

Step 1 - Look at your left hand and, ignoring your thumb, number your other fingers 1, 2, 3, and 4, starting with your index finger and ending with your pinkie.

Step 2 - In looking at a chord chart, you will see that your index finger (number 1) should be placed on the second fret on the fifth string.

Step 3 - Next, your middle finger (number 2) is to be placed on the third fret of the sixth string.

Step 4 - Place your ring finger (number 3) on the third fret of the first string. Note: The first string is the highest pitched.

Step 5 - Lastly, when all your fingers are correctly in place, strum the strings.

As a beginner learning guitar, you may notice that when you first learn how to play guitar chords, that some of the strings sound dead. This is caused by several things, most commonly because you may not be pressing hard enough.

Also, for proper chord playing, be sure that your fingers are placed squarely on each string. You should avoid touching the middle three strings with your fingers (they should be left open).

If you are touching the middle strings, you will deaden their sound. Another guitar playing tip is to be sure that you are pressing the strings between the little fret bars, and not right on top of them.

With continued practice, you will soon be fingering the G chord like a professional guitarist!

Once you've mastered the G chord, you'll be ready to learn more guitar chords. You will find that there are hundreds of guitar chords that you can learn to play.

But as you first learn guitar, you only need to know a few chords to play your first song. The G, C, D, and E minor chords are some of the most useful chords to know when learning how to play guitar.

I hope you have found this free guitar lesson teaching you how to play the G chord helpful. Good Luck

Article by Jake Hanson. Please visit his online guitar lessons site to learn how to play guitar now with amazing free guitar chord and tab lessons.
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